Boarding Conditions

    • Kitty must be vaccinated
    • Kitty must be dewormed and de-flea'd
    • Your kitty must be in good health:
      • if an unwell kitty is presented to the cat hotel, unfortunately we will not be able accept him/her 
      • we are unable to accommodate un-neutered male cats over 6 months of age
    • Please remove any collars
    • We encourage kitty parents to settle kitty into their chalet
    • We also encourage kitty parents to bring along a favourite (unwashed) blanket or bed
    • 50% deposit to secure kitty booking, with the balance to be paid on departure
    • Kitty parents are more than welcome to bring along kitty's own regular food, bedding and kitty litter
    • It is better for kitty that he/she fasts for at least 4 hours before coming to the hotel. We will offer kitty food on arrival at the hotel as this helps to settle kitty in quite easily
    • Please ensure that kitty is transported to the hotel in a safe pet carrier
    • Check-in / Check-out times: 
      • Mon-Fri:    10.30am - 11.00am and 5.30pm - 6.00pm
      • Sat:           10.30am - 11.00am
      • Sunday:     Closed

        (Check-in/Check-out flexibility: we are very flexible and on agreement, we can accommodate check-ins and check-outs outside of our normal opening hours)